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Family Constellations Facilitator Training

Next local training to begin November 2019


The training offered will give participants a solid grounding in family constellation work with plenty of opportunity for personal work and experience as a representative.

It is hoped that by the end of the training participants will have gained:

  • In-depth experience and understanding of the impact of their ancestral history on their
    personal journey and family relationships.

  • Experience and understanding of the philosophical stance of constellation work and what we mean by systemic consciousness and field phenomena.

  • A full grasp of the evolution of constellation work from its origins as traditional Family Constellations through Movements of the Soul, Movements of the Spirit Mind, to Spiritual Constellations.

  • Experience and understanding of its application in areas such as: nature, organisations and illness.

  • Experience and understanding of the underlying orders, the use of sentences and representative perception.

  • Experience and understanding of the importance of bodily awareness as our guiding principle for the work.

  • Experience and understanding of what it means to be present as a facilitator and to work phenomenologically.

  • An appreciation of the value of ritual and its purpose within constellation work.

  • Experience and understanding of working with and through trauma.

  • Experience and understanding of the interrupted reaching out movement.

NB: 50% of the training will be personal work.


The training is open to anyone who has completed 2 constellation workshops or the equivalent number of hours (24) and written a 1000-word synopsis as part of their application. (Some applicants may be required to attend a pre-training interview.) 


At the current time the training is not accredited.


  • 9 x 5-day modules, plus 1 x 6-day residential module (320 hours plus approx. 120 hours self-directed learning). 

  • One meeting (3 hours) in a triad between each module

  • One meeting (6 hours) in a group of 6 between every alternate module

  • Completion of two essays each of approx 3,000 words:

    • one by beg. Module 5 (July 2020)

    • one by beg. Module 9 (Mar 2021)

  • Attendance at two tutorials:

    • May 2020

    • March 2021

  • 95% attendance at the training


One-off payment (inc. deposit) by beg Sept 2019 .....£4,500
Initial non-refundable deposit of.........£500
by beg Sept 2019 plus:
2 instalments of ...............................£2,000
payable Nov 2019 and Jul 2020
Initial non-refundable deposit of ........£500
by beg Sept 2019 plus:
12 monthly instalments of ..................£395
commencing Nov 2019 and ending Oct 2020

All instalments payable by Standing Order.


If you feel able and would like to pay an extra amount to help fund those less able to afford the full cost of the training, it would be very much appreciated.

Please note:

  • All payments must be completed by the end of the first year of the training (Nov 2020).

  • No fees will be refunded after the end of the first module.

  • The full cost for the residential (food and accommodation) is included in the training.

  • Travel costs will be at your own expense.

  • Payment contracts will be supplied on enrolment.


East Woodlands Village Hall, East
Woodlands, nr. Frome, Somerset BA11 5LQ


Dunderry park, Navan, Co Meath, Ireland

MODULE 1: 14 - 18 Nov 2019
Overview of Training

MODULE 2: 23-27 Jan 2020

MODULE 3: 19-23 Mar 2020
(accompanied by Ty Francis 21/22 Mar)
Becoming a Facilitator Stage I

MODULE 4: 14 – 18 May 2020
Becoming a Facilitator Stage II

MODULE 5:(6-day residential in Ireland): 9 – 15 July 2020
Trauma and the interrupted reaching out movement

MODULE 6: 10 – 14 Sept 2020
Becoming a Facilitator Stage III
Organisational Constellations with Ty Francis

MODULE 7: 5 – 9 Nov 2020
Becoming a Facilitator Stage IV
Working with Illness & Symptoms with Stephan Hausner

MODULE 8: 21 – 25 Jan 2021
Becoming a Facilitator Stage IV (contd.)

MODULE 9: 25 – 29 Mar 2021
Becoming a Facilitator Stage IV (contd.)

MODULE 10: 20 – 24 May 2021

meet the Trainers

Accommodation for those coming a long distance:

Delightful double/triple in Ferndene, Frome
Elegant double at Ferndene, Frome


Windwistle Cottage

Knoll Hill Farm