Meet Barbara Morgan

Constellation work is part of the paradigm shift gradually happening in human consciousness. We are moving from our old individualistic approach to life into one where we were compelled to see that everyone and everything are inter-connected, across time and space.
— Barbara Morgan

I first came across the constellation work when I was completing my therapy training at the Gestalt Centre, London in 1996. I saw a flyer advertising the first visit to the UK of the founder, Bert Hellinger. From the first moment of that initial workshop I was gripped. This way of working resonated very strongly with my philosophy, my approach to spirituality and families. Although I know I benefited greatly from my therapy training and my own personal therapy, I had always felt there was something more, something I could not resolve through personal therapy alone. The effects of the constellation work on my family have been that missing people have come out of the closet, secrets from past generations have emerged and fractured relationships have begun to be healed, but above all my relationship with my mother changed from one of deep entanglement to a blissful loving closeness which I revelled in for eighteen months before she died.

I feel like I have ‘come home’ inside. This does not mean I no longer experience any pain or difficulty, nor that I have stopped moving forward in my personal work; it just has a different quality to it. I no longer feel entangled. I have returned to live in the region where I grew up so I have also ‘come home’ in that sense. Hence the title of my workshops.

I have been running workshops for over 20 years and continue to do so on a regular basis. I offer apprenticeship trainings in Frome and Romania. The next local training will begin in Nov. 2019. Please see details.

I offer individual constellations and supervision in Bath every Tuesday and regular workshops in England, Ireland, Belgium, Lithuania and Romania

I bring a depth of experience to my facilitation which reflects the amount of commitment I have had to my own continued study of the work and my personal development within that, spanning many approaches from a wide variety of leaders with different backgrounds and cultures.

As Editor of The Knowing Field, the International English-language Constellations journal I am in touch with the latest developments and thinking. It is important to me to keep abreast of these developments and for that reason I also continue to attend an annual international 7-day Intensive in Germany, in addition to other workshops and conferences.

I receive regular supervision of my constellation work.