A rapidly growing new method for looking at personal and family problems, Family Constellations offer real possibilities for healing and transformation. The process is unlike any other form of therapy, in that we are trying to bring to light the unconscious events, often in previous generations of our family, that may have contributed to the current difficulties. Hopefully they can then be laid to rest, so we can move forward with greater choice and freedom in how we lead our lives. 


Although there are scientists and theoreticians who have been attempting to make sense of what happens in a Family Constellation workshop, no-one really knows at this present time how it works. But it does seem as if the family system has a conscience which demands that the system be in order and there are laws which operate within the system to ensure that this happens. These laws have nothing to do with right or wrong.

The two main ones are:

  • Everyone has an equal right to belong to their family system

  • There is a hierarchy in terms of time.

When we by-pass these laws by: excluding family members, not mourning for those who die young, not acknowledging abortions, having illegitimate children adopted and then not spoken about, unacknowledged extra marital affairs or prior relationships, then the consequences can be felt by individuals in subsequent generations without their having any awareness of why they feel the way they do.

These feelings can be manifested by: depression, addictions, mental or physical illness, infertility, difficulty in forming or maintaining long term intimate relationships.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the effects of: war, emigration, cultural differences are deep and profound and often need to be included in a constellation. It also seems that dying is a process and that we sometimes need to communicate with the dead to free ourselves and them.

Interview with Barbara Morgan. Family Constellations will completely change your way of being. Fully embracing the approach means you will be required to look at your own life and that of others through a new lens which opens your heart and eventually leads to a deep acceptance of all that is.

Originally trained as a Gestalt Psychotherapist, Barbara Morgan has been working with constellations since 1997, one year after the Founder, Bert Hellinger first came to England. Her experience of the work has been personally transformative and as best she can, Barbara 'walks her talk'.

Rage and Passion — Ty Francis & Barbara Morgan in Conversation.

Barbara Morgan in Conversation with Sarah Peyton.


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The Knowing Field is the only English language international publication about Bert Hellinger’s constellation work. Published twice a year and covering the areas of family, organisational and spiritual constellations, the journal is intended to be a far-reaching, independent, inclusive publication.