The Knowing Field Journal

The Knowing Field is the only English language international publication about Bert Hellinger’s constellation work. Published twice a year and covering the areas of family, organisational and spiritual constellations, the journal is intended to be a far-reaching, independent, inclusive publication.

It includes: personal constellation stories and reports from facilitators regarding their work, new knowledge and ideas around constellation work as well as details of any cutting edge research into constellations and the wider field of systemic work; discussion of all kinds of issues connected to the constellation work, including controversial ones; book reviews, letters and poems.

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Books and Videos

A copy of my first book: Coming Home: A First Step into the world of Family Constellations (with 2 accompanying CDs containing visualisations) is available through this website’s Store.

My second book: Reflections on Motherhood, vol. 1: The Birth Process is available through this website’s Store.

There is a wide range of books published on the Constellation work edited by Bert Hellinger & other leading people in the field. They are available from Carl-auer Systeme Verlag

Videos covering workshops run in many different countries by Bert Hellinger. 
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Further info on constellations generally can be obtained by Googling constellations minus stars or Hellinger.